Depending on your destination and vacation rental market this time of year is either your off season or peak season.  For beach destinations in non-tropical climates November is generally deep in the off season.  For ski destinations the snow is covering the peaks and with the holiday around the corner rentals are strong.  No matter what season your vacation rental is currently in we wanted to take time to explore off season preparation.  Unless you are in a year round destination (which only a handful even exist) then the slower time is when you want to focus on rebuilding and improving your investment property.   Maintaining your vacation rental is critical.  If you are partnered with a vacation rental manager than make sure they are being proactive and bringing your product up to speed.  If you are offering your vacation rental by owner than get in gear and head to your home or condo and get to work.  The very least that is required a deep clean.  A deep clean is when you or your cleaning crew touches everything in the house.  Nothing is to be missed during a deep clean.  We recommend cleaning the carpets, furniture, grout, decks and patio, and anything that you can think of.  Your vacation rental is a product and annual maintenance is a must.  If you are new to vacation rentals or considering purchasing a property you are in luck, Owner Rental Properties is designed to help show you what is involved, including additional details on off season preparation and deep cleans.  If you are an established owner and you are reading this you are looking to increase rentals and improve your home.  Good job!  Now everyone get to work, before you know it the high dollar season will be back and your vacation rental will be taking a beating.  There is a trade off though; your pockets will be filling with rental income! 
After just under a year of development Owner Rental Properties is open for business and running full speed.  We have pooled our years of expertise in the vacation rental industry and created a user friendly resource for investment property owners. Our company offers the only comprehensive website dedicated to increasing rentals and occupancy for homeowners.  We also made an effort not to neglect vacation renters.  Currently we do not offer rentals on our website but we do direct vacationers to trusted and established sources.  Our goal is to shine light on a niche market that offers something completely unique and a better value than traditional hotels.  Our mission for the future is to continue to expand our content and create a vacation rental owner education source that will help improve the industry both for homeowners and renters alike.  We've done our best to include many facets of the vacation rental business but if you discover something we've missed or have an idea you'd like to share please do not hesitate to contact us.